sobota 3. března 2018

Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus - Kasbah

Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus - Kasbah

„…the besieged fortress for all of us!“


The first single from the upcoming album "Stalinist God"

All the following album tracks will receive the video background as well.

úterý 13. února 2018

úterý 6. února 2018

The Karmakumulator / Gen 26 7" split available!

Croatian experimental noise project The Karmakumulator is presenting 2009-2013 materials conducted into a single song, totally rearranged and deranged cover of Satan Panonski classic song "Tiho/Bajka" (only lyrics resemble the original a little bit). Haunting electronics and obscure out rock guitar work meet claustrophobic ambience and scraps of sounds done in 7-piece line up for this expanded 2018 version for your occult audio dinner. Gen 26 from Slovenia explores instrumental power electronics in monolithic and static HNW song "Sonic Outbursts Of Modern-day Capitalism" recorded late 2017. Great combination brings the contrast of two extreme music activists from this part of Europe packaged in beautiful color artwork and limited 7" vinyl printed on superb sounding plastic in three color variations: black/white marbled, clear white and clear orange. 

Released in a friendly collaboration between 16 labels/organizations: [&] (SI), Bučni Stripovi (HR), Dare the Divine (HR), Debila Records (SI), F.O.A.D. Records (IT), Grobarluk Records (HR), Guranje s Litice (HR), IKS Festival (HR), Ill In The Head (CAN), Kekere Aquarium (HR), Kulturno umjetnička udruga Uzgon (HR), No Profit Recordings (HR), Pravěk Noise Section (CZ), Slušaj Najglasnije! (HR), Sky Burial Productions (SK), SweetOhm Recordings (GR).